That Exodus Movie

Just so you know- Exodus, Gods and Kings is advertised (here anyway) at  only 7 and 10 pm in 3-D

…HOWEVER if you phone in to find out times, only then are you told that it is also on everyday at 3:45 in regular vision.

Saw it yesterday. It will probably win an Oscar for cinematography. Biblically  correct? Not exactly perfect. Still, worth seeing.

Unanswered Prayer

I prayed for many things and was not heard. For even this occurs often to your advantage. Since [God] realizes that you lose heart and are indolent, and that when you attain what you need you depart and no longer pray. God protects you with the pretext of need so that you may concern yourself with him more closely and devote yourself to prayer.” John Chrysostom (c. 349 – 407)

Santa’s Gift by Brenda J Wood

Santa’s Gift

Amma burned the bacon, and lumpied up the stew.

Amma had a problem. She didn’t know what to do.

 Her pots and pans were wonky.Lids and handles all askew,

Thus Amma burned the bacon, and lumpied up the stew!

 The pots had cooked potatoes.They’d fried a million eggs.

They’d stirred up soup and turnip.They’d worn out their little legs!

 With boiling, steaming, baking, With Christmas, Easter too.

They simply were all tired out and so the problem with the stew.

Amma worried deeply. She knew not what to do,

 For Christmas was a’comin’ and sure, she’d lumpy up the stew!

But Santa showed up early, bringing presents great and small.

New pots and pans for Amma. no more worries, not at all!

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Just Saying…

When I became a Christian, I thought life would be wonderful for ever, until I learned by experience that suffering comes to God’s children too.

However, I also learned that same God who cared enough to die on the cross for our sin cares enough to take care of us even through our bitter herb times.