Quoting Sheila Again!

Yes, I am quoting Sheila Wray Gregorie again! Her web site is great for those of us who are working at improving our speaking! And who doesn’t want to do just that?
The topic this am is
The Ten Qualities of a Gifted Woman’s Speaker


If you’re wondering whether or not God has called you to speaking, here are the ten qualities that I think best define a gifted woman’s speaker. I should note that several of these I struggle with–finding time for prayer, for instance. But making this list encourages me to aim higher and rely on God more, so even if you’re not totally there yet, at least this gives you something to aim for!


As always Sheila is blatantly honest.The requirement is that we focus on Christ and Him crucified. Isn’t it the pits to sit through a ladies meeting only to discover that the focus is on the newly learned craft of basket-weaving or leaf-staining?

Nothing irritates me more! One of my speaking mentors insists that ‘it is a sin to gather a room full of people and leave them without the Christ!’
Are we guilty of that very thing? Do people come to know Jesus when we speak? For that matter, when we aren’t in ‘speaker mode’ do we share Christ with others?
I never thought I was an evangelist. Then I started to speak for Stonecroft. And my heart melted for those who didn’t know Him.
Who can we tell today?????

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