Wheat Thin Worries

“I’m out of wheat thins…my life is officially over,”  cries the TV commercial gal.Two brawny lads rush in with a truck full of Wheat Thins to save the family from certain extinction. “Who will be next,” they cry!

I want it to be me so I tweeted, faced and now am blogging about the whole thing. Crazy, aye? Some would say so but I am old enough now not to care.

I’ve spent most of my life playing it safe. I didn’t swing high because my brother fell off a swing and broke his arm. I didn’t tackle anything I might fail. Do you sense a theme here?

That’s why the neighbourhood jaws dropped a foot when I married my Ron. Back then he was the town ‘bad boy.’  In our little town that meant he stayed out past eleven and didn’t care what you thought about it.

I was Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. I  never broke rules and in fact, made up lots more of my own.

When we married, I stepped way out of my comfort zone  into a relationship of safety and love. I wish the same for you. True love involves a little risk.

And why not tweet about those crackers? Who knows maybe they do come to your door. and give you a million of them.  You could even have a wheat thin party. (But I tweeted first!)

Brenda J. Wood   www.heartfeltdevotionals.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Wheat Thin Worries

  1. I’ve always wished I was a risk taker. I haven’t been for the most part. Though that’s not ’cause I didn’t want to be. The ‘me’ on the inside… the one I see in my head and in my dreams… is totally opposite of the one that is on the outside that the world sees. God has spoken to me with this message today, but not just about the risk-taking; but about the true-love part. I’m just not sure I know how to put it all together yet to make sense. There’s more pieces to this puzzle to come. I can hardly wait to see what they are. I am to take a risk… but where? With whom or what? Guess I’ll have to wait and see for another piece of the puzzle from God.

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