Still Can’t Give It Away!

Several of you have asked what is the book. Here you are….

Check out  the December’s Free book on my blog, write 50 words or less about why you want it….

It is The Gift, Devotional wisdom from 50 Best-loved Psalms…..

Brenda J Wood

2 thoughts on “Still Can’t Give It Away!

  1. The Lord knows that I am not short of another book to read, however, if this book would enhance increase the closeness of my relationship with Jesus, I would love to have it.

    Love Rosemary

  2. After three weeks away from work, I am some what caught up on my reading and would love to read more on the Psalms. I thought I would get a new devotional book to work through but we are almost at the end of January and have not had a chance to pick one up, maybe this one will find me…..

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