Weekend Fever

Ron and I joke about having a ‘quiet’ day. That never happens here. Even though we are technically retired, something comes up to use up our hours, minutes and second.

We do have scheduled events like Doctor appointments on the calender but our really ‘quiet’ days involve people just dropping in for a coffee, or a writing pal calling about some thought or other.

We never turn people away. Think about what we might miss if we didn’t entertain on a whim.

The Bible says we might even entertain angels unaware! We don’t want to miss that opportunity!

Now if you are a timid host, chose not to be afraid.

Buy a few cookies or if you are in the baking mood, whip up a batch, freeze them (deep so a hubby or a gal on a snack rampage) can’t find them. Serve up with a coffee, a tea or maybe a glass of lemonade.

And maybe–you will find an angel gracing your doorstep!

Brenda J Wood


One thought on “Weekend Fever

  1. Put the cookies in the freezer? Deep? I have better method to keep the baked goods in the freezer safe for company or an anticipated event.

    Put the precious offerings in an opaque container , or wrap in freezer paper and label it “LIVER”.

    That’s always worked for me! :)

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