Saving Cookies

Susan suggests a better way to keep cookies! Put them in containers in the freezer all right, but label them ‘LIVER’!

What a great idea!! Still, that won’t keep me from eating them, will it?

In my previously over done binging life, I used to eat a lot of frozen food. Butter tarts never really freeze; they just get a little chewy and yummy for your teeth, gums and tummy. Cookies are the same and with the advent of the microwave, I was doomed to quick thaw.

The amount of stuff that I swallowed would feed a  small third world country, with leftovers for the island of Hawaii.

Thank God for God!! He intervened in my life and helped me choose a more normal life style….

How about you?

Have you found out that God tastes better than frozen butter tarts?

Brenda J Wood

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