A Quinn Day

To our delicious surprise we find ourselves looking after 2 year-old Quinn today.

Could we do it everyday? Not likely! Not enough stamina. Even when not so well this little guy can run us ragged.

The best thing? When we came into the house and he saw it was indeed…Amma and Afi’s house, he reacted!

Temperature or not, he ran and laughed and laughed and ran and hugged for 4-5 minutes. He found it a lovely thing, just to be in our house, in our presence.

When is the last time we showed such delighted joy to be with our Father God?

Brenda J Wood


One thought on “A Quinn Day

  1. Sounds like my day on Sunday afternoon with my dog. First time in quite some time I got to spend some quality time with him. He was so excited to see me.

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