Ol’ Ugly Burger

The Cowboy Country TV cooking sement folks made Ol’ Ugly Burgers this week. They barbecued burgers made with oatmeal, onions, peppers, cheese and more.

No, that wasn’t the ugly part! They prepared their individual burgers with everything from baked beans to pineapple. They were the biggest burgers I ever saw.

And this old poem popped into my head.

You are what you eat said a wise old man.

If that thought is true, I’m a garbage can!

The gal said “Those burgers look awfully big to me.”

I thought “She’s pretty little. Maybe if I ate little foods I’d be littler too!

After all- Garbage in, garbage out?

Then why not little in…little out!

P.S—the burgers are really named Ol’ Ugly because the comedian by that name sent in the recipe!


Brenda J Wood


3 thoughts on “Ol’ Ugly Burger

  1. Ugly or not, they sound yummy. Though these days, it seems I may have to start eating bun-free burgers. A new dietitian that I’m seeing has me doing wheat-free now. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent thing, but it appears to be likely because it seems to be helping.

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