The Postal Strike and Me (and You!)

What will happen to our mail delivery if the postal strike occurs?

Thankfully threats of a postal strike will stop. They’ve been the news theme for several weeks now.

Junk mail will stop. Who knew so many fast food places could afford to send another coupon via junk mail. Seems fitting…junk food—junk mail…

The bills will stop. Really? Who isn’t getting their bills via e-mail or prepaid at the bank?

Government cheques will stop. Again I ask why aren’t we getting our money by direct deposit?

Life as we know it is changing. Maybe Canada Post needs to change too.

All that being said..some of my loved ones work for Canada Post. I want the best for them.

It’s a long tangled road  and the middle is???????????

It’s like the life of a Christ believer.  There is a narrow road that leads to life.

Have you found yet?

Is your path cleared of all kinds of junk?

Is the  direct line open between you and God?

A strike won’t help you.

Brenda J Wood


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