Thunder Dog

This is a great read about Roselle, the dog who led his blind owner to safety from the towers on 9/11. It’s interesting that the book is named for the animal’s weakness. You see Roselle is afraid of thunder storms and that day began with one.

This could be a terrifying book but the authors wisely intersperse the trauma of the long walk down those stairs with Michael Hingson’s history and experience as a blind person. I wonder why this story isn’t a movie yet. It is riveting,
frightening and memorable all at the same time.

The book concludes with a timeline of that awful day, the courtesy rules for blindness, resources for the blind and a glossary of terms about blindness. Necessary because even into day’s world, some clueless people still discriminate against the blind. Is it that we all like to feel more important than the other guy? Go figure.

Brenda J Wood

4 thoughts on “Thunder Dog

  1. …….or more capable, thereby presuming to be better than??????

    people can be harsh in their judgement and discrimination – good message Brenda

  2. I think people are afraid of what they don’t understand, and anything different and unknown. I did some work helping the Blind, and they are an incredibly upbeat group of people.

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