The Comedian and the Gangster

Imagine a clean routine you aren’t ashamed to show to your kids/ This is worth the watch…and it will make you laugh……The link is below.
 Cagney and Bob Hope at a Friar’s Club Meeting back when actors were real performers. Bob Hope was 52 and James Cagney was 56. For the young folks, here is something you probably have never seen before and, unfortunately, may never see again.
For us older folks, this is the best of the best, and we had it for many years! This is a side of these two entertainers you hardly ever saw but it shows you their enormous talent. Bob Hope, the best of the comedians, and Jimmy Cagney…mostly cast as the bad guy, gangster in the movies.
 Turn up sound and click  on………..

2 thoughts on “The Comedian and the Gangster

  1. Thank you Brenda, I enjoyed that, don’t ever remember seeing that one before. We were privileged when entertainment was entertaining and not vulgar and violent like so much of it today. Oh for a return to those gentler times.

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