With by Skye Jethani

The author of With took five prepositions and investigated each one in relationship to God.

For instance, as I understand it,  Life UNDER God believes divine will is the center of the ‘cosmic apple’ and is the capricious will of God. It’s “Hey God, if I do this you owe me that.

Life OVER God believes that natural laws and principles are at the center.

Life FROM God places self and its desires at the core and the world revolves around self and personal desires. It is a gimmee, gimme attitude.

Life FOR God puts God’s mission in place of God Himself. God is your personal GPS so to speak.

But Life WITH God? The goal is not to use God but to have a relationship. The goal is God.

I found myself examining my personal relationship with God, hoping to find only WITH God…I wish I was that wonderful. No there are some traces of UNDER, OVER, FROM, FOR but large chunks are WITH God. And the result of WITH God?  Joy, because relationship is its center.

I challenge you to read this book and take the time to check yourself out…and then aim for WITH God.



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