“We’ Projects

It is November and I am NaNo-ing as I mentioned. I had to work this am and so am just sitting down this very minute to write out my heart songs for you.

But first I decorated the little spruce tree on the north side of the yard. One of our trees died and the staff here came to replace it about ten days before Ron died. He was able to sit at the breakfast table and
watch it going in.

I watched too. “We’ll decorate it for Christmas this year,” I said.

Ron didn’t answer, but later I heard him tell his coffee buddy that “Brenda says we’ll decorate it this year.

He isn’t here but that little tree is standing bravely forth in its first holiday suit. Red bows, glittering baubles and lights festoon it into merriness. And I cried when I finished because I had so hoped it would be a ‘we’ project….

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