You Didn’t Even Try!!!

Here are the answers. The questions are below…Tracey got them but she had to peek at my book. You are all so full of the Christmas Spirit…right? That’s why these were too hard for you!!

1. Who can understand his errors. 2. Baking. He went to fill a pie. 3. God gave Moses two tablets. 4. She pulled his ears and walked on his corn. 5. Devils entered a herd of swine. Okay, I cheated. If any of Brenda’s readers haven’t purchased her book “Heartfelt – 366 Devotions for Common Sense Living”, you should. It’ll kick start your day.

Instead of eating…..try these on for size and send me your answers.

1. What book of the Bible mentions a bad baseball player?

2. What occupation did Paul have besides tent making and preaching?

3. What is the first medicine mentioned in the Bible?

4. How did Ruth treat Boaz badly?

5. How do we know that devilled ham existed in Bible times?

If these jokes don’t make you laugh, –well what can I say!

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