My House Looks like my Life Feels

Because of a water tank episode, almost all the flooring in my house is being replaced. That sounds lovely doesn’t it. Who wouldn’t want to have new flooring, new desk,new colours, even a new wall paper boarder? Me, that is who.

I sat in the decorating place, picked out the colours and burst into tears because nothing will look like it did when Ron was here. The sales lady cried too. She just lost her mom and so we blubbered in the store together.

All of the fixing started December 27 and day by day my living space gets smaller. First of all the china cabinet contents exploded onto every flat surface. The china cabinet itself sits in front of the living room window. By last night, the TV was unseeable and all the chairs too cluttered to sit on. Stuff surrounds my bed. I have one tiny walking path which I dare not use without a light of some kind.

Do you see what I mean? My house looks as bad as I feel. But there is that one little path through, and that one glimmer of hope and light and that one hand to hold. So Christ and I move through together toward healed house and healed heart.

2 thoughts on “My House Looks like my Life Feels

  1. Here I am blubbering in my morning coffee. Such real words and so true. I truly believe in every situation, there is hope and something to be grateful for. One step at a time.

  2. I can understand why you feel the way you do and it’s OK to blubber!

    Gradually, very gradually you will grow to love your ‘new’ space, although right now it is all an intrusion into everything you have known, loved and shared with Ron. God is making sure that your home is repaired and comfortable, one step at a time, just as He is repairing your broken heart, one step at a time. It just does not feel like it! Hang in there, my dear friend. My place is just a block away when it becomes too much, the kettle always ready to boil, a meal or snack always easy to prepare. A hug available 24/7!

    May God hug you and help you according to your need!

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