Valentines for Annabells

As you might expect, Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s favorite holiday. This, my first year without Ron loomed ahead as insurmountable.

Then Diane┬ásuggested we spend the evening together. Barb offered to cook us a ‘simple’ dinner at her home. So we ‘aloners’ gathered together for spectacular food, endearing memories, hysterical laughter and deepening friendships.

We even gave ourselves a name, The Annabells. This stems from Anna who worshipped in the temple after her husband passed and from our intention to live our lives with joy.

And I want to thank others who cared enough to send Valentine hugs, cards and kind wishes my way.

Yes, Valentine’s Day was different this year; but friends and loved ones made it good just the same…

One thought on “Valentines for Annabells

  1. So happy to hear you were not alone. I was much better this year, (the 4th) than other years, but just the same my thoughtful eldest granddaughter came by with 2 of her 3 boys, each boy carrying a bouquet of tulips and she had a box of Rogers Chocolate covered ginger (my favourite). Such a nice surprise that was.

    The Annabells sound like such a wonderful idea. God Bless You.

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