Meeting Myself—-review

Every author wonders if readers will get the message. Pure joy floods our heart when they do…

My Dear Friend Lynn just read Meeting Myself, Snippetsfrom a BInging and Bulging Mind. Here are her thoughts. I’d love to read yours as well.

Hey Lady!!!   Read your amazing book, cover to cover when I got home and have been trying since then to find a way to express my multitude of emotions.  First I want to tell you how brave I think you are to be willing to share your journey.  My heart aches for the child you were and the adult that you became as a result of the abuse you suffered. I cannot imagine the strength it took for you to survive the pain you must have felt.   I remain in awe of your faith and the courage it must have taken to let go of your pain and anger. The testimony this book provides must surely be a blessing to everyone who has the privilege to read it.  Thank you for sharing it with me.

Love you



One thought on “Meeting Myself—-review

  1. Dear Brenda:

    Your most wonderfully written book “Snippets From a Binging and Bulging Mind” arrived in my mailbox today. What a welcome sight after having had a terrible sleepless night & crawling out of bed very late with my eyes barely open. Thank you so much.

    I immediately sat down and started reading, right up to the end of Chapter 5 without stopping. By this time I was shedding tears for all you have been through and how brave you are to share this with others. There are many passages where I can see myself, and where I know deep in my heart that my overweight is a lot of my own doing, even though I keep trying to blame it on medication side effects and stress, etc. Thank you for opening my eyes. I would like to purchase 2 of these to pass to a couple of family members. I will send along payment at month end when funds come in.

    Need to do a few things and then get back to finish reading the treasure you sent me. Love from June.

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