Meeting Myself –review by Laura Davis

Meeting Myself: Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind by author Brenda J. Wood is a remarkable testimony on what God will do when you fully surrender to Him.

Brenda shares “snippets” from her journal, documenting her struggles with bulimia and abuse. It is a rather small book, but its impact on those with eating disorders will most certainly touch a chord. The author has laid bare for the reader the inner workings of a bulimic mind. The fact that she was abused as a child, helps one to understand how tricky the mind can be, especially for those with eating disorders. Don’t want anyone to touch you? Pack on the pounds! It’s a safety net for many who have been abused to comfort themselves in some way – drugs, alcohol or in Brenda’s case – food.

The beauty of this little book is of course how she managed to stop destroying her body and instead trust God in all things. Meeting Myself also includes a chapter on what Bulimia is and shares many of the signs of a bulimic. This is an excellent resource for anyone dealing with eating disorders of any kind. I highly recommend it.

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