Make a Decision

Yes I am an impulsive person… I make decisions quickly. Of course I pray about it but if something seems right, I move ahead in it unless or until the Lord stops me. This frightens some and encourages others. I am blessed to find that someone like David Mainse (100 Huntley Street) agrees with this strategy.

Here is a snippet from his wonderful new blog,

“If I believe that something is good to do, I move ahead. But at the same time, I pray that if what I’m about to do is not God’s will, He’ll step in and stop events before they progress. Even on our wedding day on the way to the church I prayed this: “Lord, I believe that Norma-Jean is to be my wife and I’m going ahead with the marriage, and I love her very much. But if this is not Your perfect plan, please stop it right now.”

Remember. When we won’t make a decision, we have actually made the decision.

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