Each New Step by Patricia Day

Each new step that we take each day, brings us to a new place.  It can be a place of productivity or one where we languish and are reluctant to leave.

The former takes us ever forward; living life to the fullest.  The latter can hold us in ‘pity-party’ mode; which neither helps nor hinders.  We just stay stuck!

A close friend is dealing with grief.  She lost her husband and finds some days interminably long and difficult.  However, hard the day may be, she busies herself in a myriad of ways – and I think she is an awesome role model.  An inspiration.  She is a writer and a public motivational speaker.  She is actively involved in women’s ministries at our church.  She busies herself helping others and then when she can – she finds time for herself.  That is the harder part, because she is still trying to discover who or what she is now she is no longer a wife.

To me, she is strong and positive and productive, and yet she admits there are times when she closes the front door to her home and collapses in tears.  Alone and weary.  The loneliness is a deep, dark place that is only lit from within the heart, as you manage to overcome the aloneness and take those brave new steps into a world that is waiting for you to live.

My dear friend, is doing all the right things but still has moments of despair.    Nobody can understand the feelings of grief until they have experienced the loss of someone they loved.

Let’s try to be a shoulder for them to cry on.  Let’s come alongside in whatever way we can, just to show them we care.

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