Amanda Stephan

Amanda Stephan kindly gave me the opportunity to practice my interview skills. Please enjoy her comments…and maybe even her book!

When I was a child, I used to think there was something wrong with me because I could see stories everywhere. The playground, the classroom, out the window. You name it, it was fair game! I’d have to say one of my oddest places to get a story from is a black basement I was trapped in.

My favorite part of writing is when the characters take hold of the story and tell it their way. I love it when they do that. Or when they become real and it makes you sad to end their story.

If I could be any fictional character, I would want to be Lucy Pevensie of the Chronicles of Narnia. She really had a love for Aslan that I want to have for Jesus.

If our house was on fire and I only had time to take one thing (my family being already safely outside) it would have to be my cats. Yep. I don’t have favorites, so I’d grab all three!

I love to sew. My favorite item is a new dress for church. I’m a girly girl, and my favorite styles are the ones  from the 50’s and 60’s.

My expectations for my book? Well, I want my books to bless someone else and perhaps draw them closer to God.

I never thought I could finish something so large as this book. I get sidetracked very easily and am VERY busy all the time that I thought it would just be another project that sat on my shelf. (Don’t ask me about that sweater I’ve been crocheting for over 8 years…)

This year has been extremely crazy for me and there haven’t been many pauses to set up venues. So, I was particularly excited to receive an invitation to speak at a library in the next county and am quite looking forward to it! (August 9th ~ please pray for me, or better yet, if you’re in middle Tennessee, come by the Maury County Library at 6:30 and enter to win a Kobo Reader.

One bit of wisdom I’d like to leave with readers? Don’t take anyone for granted and don’t hold grudges. Bitterness will rot you from the inside out and all you’ll have when it’s all said and done is a pile of regrets.

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