A Niece’s Perspective on our Life Situations

My niece, Lauretta Holt,  in Arizona blogs regularly at The Plumbline  and today I want to share a few of her ‘wisdom lines.’

‘I don’t know what “hard place” you may find yourself in.  I don’t know how “barren” your life may feel at this moment.  The sheer face of this rock was quite cool to the touch.  This is often the case with the hard places in our lives – they are cold, hard, and just don’t appear to be very promising.  Yet…in determining to focus upward, we can realize our greatest potential for growth.  In time, the small crag in the hard place can become the greatest “footing” for our connection to the source of all life!
So, hold on!  Cling tight to the one who gives life!  The barrenness will not overcome you  – –  you shall overcome it, in the care of the Master of all hard places!  May God bring good things from this hard place!’

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