Foodie Penpals

I got a bag of Biscotti Chips from my gal’s hometown

And chai seeds for  energy, sunflower seeds for fun

And chocolate in a new form you guzzle till you’re done!

A thoroughly healthy mixture, a heartfelt gift of care.

I hope I’ve been as careful with what I mailed out there.

I tried to send a mixture of what I’m all about.

I didn’t know just what to send. I didn’t have a clue.

So I picked a wide array of stuff to tell of me to you!

I’m a recent widow and missing my Dear Ron,

Hamburger was his favourite food and Helper? He was one!

And pizza chips are family food, reminding me of fun

And rice for speedy dinners, the ones we all create

And wine gums for the tired. Who hasn’t whined a bit!

Veggie soup I eat a lot, now that I’m alone

and Ontario Apple Butter for that is where it’s grown.

The writing bit? One of my books, the one on overeating,

Bulimia and healing and that is what I’m stating.

This poem isn’t quite my best, but I send my best to you

With thanks to one and all, indeed for the fun this was to do.

Brenda J Wood, author, speaker






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