The Pregnant Pause of Grief, by Brenda J. Wood is an emotional and honest look at widowhood.

After losing her husband to cancer, the author began to chronicle her thoughts and experiences of what she was going through. She begins with the statement, “By the end of this month, I expect to know my own name.” This sets the tone of the book and guides the reader along with the author on her journey to self-discovery. The result is a book that will bring much comfort to anyone who has lost a spouse – widow or widower.

Mixed with just the right infusion of humour, the author holds nothing back. Her emotions are raw in the face of her loss, yet her hope and her foundation for not losing herself to uncontrollable grief, is her faith in Jesus Christ. While we learn about the tender love affair she had with her husband Ron, we also learn about her love affair with God. Together they made a complete unit. God, Ron and Brenda. Now, as she adjusts to “just Brenda and God,” she learns why grieving is a good thing. At the same time, she also learns how to surrender to God each day and moment as she adjusts to the new title of “widow”.

Now you might think that this book should be read only by widows and widowers. Nothing could be further from the truth. There were many times when her words of wisdom, the scriptures she shared, and her own life experiences resonated with me, even though I deal with physical pain, not emotional.

If you have experienced loss of any kind, I would advise you to pick up this book. I only wish it had been around for my mother in-law after her husband died. She cried for his loss until the day she died, two years almost to the day of his passing. If I had this fabulous little book in my hand, I might have known what to say or do (or not do) and I know it would have brought her comfort to know that her tears were perfectly normal. She was always apologizing for them.

This book needs to be in every doctor‘s office, funeral home and church and  you can purchase it here in our bookstore. You won’t regret it! I give it 5/5 stars

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