Boundaries for leaders, well worth the read

I ordered my free reveiw copy of Boundaries for Leaders because the author’s work was already familiar to me. I expected excellence and I got it. Dr Henry Cloud is of course, the best selling coauthor of Boundaries.

I first discovered the book, Boundaries when I was trying to lose 50 pounds. It was immensely helpful.

This book is no less useful. It is highly readable, easy-to-understand and simple to apply.

You see, leaders always get what they create and what they allow. I believe this applies to everything from being a parent, to running a little league baseball team or to being president of a country. We each define what will happen within our own personal boundaries. The problem is that we do not set clear boundaries.

* The person who owns your body sets your boundaries. Who owns you?

I found the chapter on The Gatekeeper of our Thinking, particularly helpful. There is always a way…will we find it? Or will we just give up? As a man, or woman or child thinks in his heart, so is he!

This book is well worth the read.

Brenda J Wood, author of The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester of widowhood

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