Right and Write?

“What are your personal writing goals?” she asked?

This question posed a problem for me this week because right now they are all rather vague. Oh, I have a couple of devotional books on the hunt for a publisher and a children’s story waiting for its inspirational artist, but does that count? I mean, they are completed

However, new manuscripts languish far behind me. Or perhaps they are in the misty future?  It matters not which, because they remain incognito.

It seems that my last book, The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester of widowhood, (and its accompanying sorrow)  drained me dry. Will I right again?

Yes, of course, I will right again and even write  again…as soon as God tells me what  to write. I have no doubt because by nature I am both  righter and  writer. Stay tuned.

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