Get Over Yourself-advice for the newbie writer

Brace yourself. There is no room for offense if you are a writer. Of course your relatives love your book; they have to. They are your Mom, sister, cousin. Unfortunately, your relatives are not your editors.

Your editor insists on changes, rips paragraphs to shreds and then discards the whole thing. Take heart. Even best-sellers like Stephen King and James Patterson suffer through this. In fact, people are still re-writing God’s manuscript, even though it hit print several hundred years ago.

Readers will hate your story, dissect your words and complain about your style. They’ll assume your heroine is based on their charming self (let them) but they also fret because surely you stole that bad guy scenario from their past happenstance. No matter.

Carve more writing space into your calendar. Put your heart and soul into each scribble. Expect fear but don’t let it stall you. Submit your work to contests, blogs and magazines, anyone that will take it.

If writing is really your passion, nothing can hold you back. Continue to believe in your message and your calling. Say it aloud. I AM A WRITER, and mean it. Believe in yourself, no matter what others say, because the only thing that can hold you back…is you.

Brenda J Wood

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