The Best Christmas Card Ever

I invite you to watch this, courtesy of Tracey who sent it to me. Be blessed. As this year draws to a close,  as life happened even in ways that might not have been your choice….always remember this. God remains in charge. He loves you and always makes choices that are for your best, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Hugs……Brenda J Wood.

Raining Again

The price of gas is up. The weather is terrible. The skies are gray and rain falls against the window pains.

And I whine.

Then I turn on the news. An earthquake here, a tsunami there. A struggle for democracy in some country. Freedom fighters giving their lives for just that.

Sudden deaths by accident or misadventure, shocking illnesses.

I remember and I stop my whine.

Instead, I count my blessings.

So how goes your whining today? Surely it is over by now.

Brenda J Wood