Laura Davis Reviews The Pregnant Pause of Grief

Laura Davis is a renowned book reviewer. She just gave  The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester of widowhood, 5 stars!

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Out Live Your Life!

Lucado insists this is possible and after reading Out Live Your Life, you will too. The tiny, everyday living that we do affects our tiny part of the world.  The author urges us to live in such a way that death is our beginning.

The book is full of stories of the everyday man or woman who made a difference in the life of another. Perhaps they bought an ox for an African farmer or helped someone here who hadn’t enough food stamps to supply a meal for their family. The question repeatedly lies under the surface of every word. What are you doing to make a difference in the world?

Are the scripture ideas new? No not particularly. Are they still true? Absolutely! Does Lucado write them in a fresh way so that they are relative to our lives today? For sure. There is no way you can read this book and think that you are already doing enough to help the poor. You are not and neither am I.

Lucado spends a lot of time discussing the Book of Acts and how believers acted when the Gospel was fresh upon their hearts and minds. You will say ouch more than once. Don’t let that make you avoid the book. When you get to heaven, God might ask if you read it and than did something about that.

By the way all the profits go to World Vision. Now that tells me that the author, Max Lucado means what he says and says what he means. How about you? Brenda Wood

I Didn’t Know and Didn’t Much Care-Until

-Until I read the book, William F. Buckley, by Jeremy Lott.

I’m a Canadian so I don’t follow many American political careers. I am familiar with the Buckley name and maybe saw one or two of his TV shows years ago. But I am trying to broaden my horizons so I ordered this book.

To my surprise, I really enjoyed reading it. W. Buckley’s credentials are indeed impressive and the author writes with zest.

You can find archives of his shows by cutting and pasting the following-   Choice moments even exist on YouTube!

His fiction series, the Blackford Oakes series are highly recommended too. All in all, Buckley had a tremendous influence on the religious and political American scene.

A couple of quotes I particularly like.

“There remained a sharpness in those columns that dealt with faith, because he remained certain that was the only thing he could take with him.”

At Buckley’s funeral, a bystander said  that Buckley’s writings on religion had turned the tide of his agnostic mind toward belief and then took great pains to insist he was not at all alone in this experience.

To my surprise I find myself recommending this read to anyone…