Chasing Francis

Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron was definitely not my first choice for a
read, but on the web site I review for, it was the only ‘real’ book offered.
That is to say–it is a real paper book, not an e book.

Anyway to my
delight- I love the book. I am a fan of St Francis but some of the other data
written about St Francis is rather hard to digest. By creating the story (and
the history) around a pastor who has lost his faith, the author is able to bring
St Francis to life.

Fortunately, that pastor has a convenient uncle in
Italy and that uncle is a Franciscan priest. I don’t know about you, but I do
not have such a convenience. Never mind, you will soon feel like part of the
family as you too, travel the paths of St Francis through out Italy
You will
come away with a fresh glimpse of faith, a renewal of your own and an
appreciation of those saints who have gone before us.
Thomas Nelson
publishing at supplied me with this book in exchange for an
unbiased review.
Brenda J Wood,