Ron is Back!

To our surprise Ron was released from hospital today when we had expected him to be in till at least Wednesday. His last chemotherapy worked too well and took his white and red cells down to almost non existent……

Today though he is back to his old self and we are grateful!! God is GOOD!!

Great News!

Did you know that people retire to have time to go to the doctor’s? This is true! Yesterday we made another visit, this time to the cancer unit at RVH.

Great news! The last chemotherapy session did its job with room to spare! God is so good.

Later, I asked Ron how he felt.

“Like singing and dancing,” he replied.

“What would you have felt if the report hadn’t been so good? I questioned.

“Like singing and dancing,” he answered.

Dear Reader, you might wonder how this is possible.You might even think we are living a Pollyanna existence.

ButĀ  we’ve had those bad reports….

And in the midst of them, we were able to remember the same truth.

Everything passes through the hand of God before it is everĀ  allowed to touch us.

And therefore, what ever it is, it is good, because God is good.

May you see your world today with the eyes of faith…..and expect God’s best…

Brenda J. Wood