Currently in Force



Since this last blog entry is based on our current works in progress, I thought I’d better check out the actual meaning of current. Maybe none of my stuff qualifies!

A current project should be presently in force, accepted as legally valid and widely accepted. It should also be flowing in one direction, like a stream, even though there might be undercurrents.

Now that sounds like a writing project if I ever saw one. I’m up to my circumcised heart in devotionals right now. I write a daily devotional for and several thousand readers expect some spiritual insight from me on a regular basis. Since it is ongoing and so many accept it, I guess it is a current work in progress. I think it is legal- I never steal material and the number of readers hopefully means that it is widely accepted.

Several of my writing friends are collaborating on a romance mystery novel of sorts. We all agreed to keep on going and our heroine, dear Mrs. Hackly has lots of undercurrents running through her life so …still in.

Meanwhile, I’m editing a manuscript for the upcoming Word Alive publishing contest and editing the myriad thoughts of new scribbles that keep pounding through my head. All is alive and well in this neck of the woods. Sincerely, Brenda J Wood