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 All right I expected to do this yesterday but I just got my own copy of Light under the House by Aaron L and Donna Dawson.

 I’m giving away a free copy. To win, all you have to do is drop me a line commenting on the interview below.

What inspired you to write this story?

I   feel very strongly about the breakdown of the family and fatherlessness  and how there is much dysfunction and despair because of it. I wanted to  tell a story to shed some light on the situations that many face and  hopefully bring some type of reversal to the current dynamic in whatever  small way I could. I wanted to challenge men, fathers especially, to be  who they were created to be … its certainly a challenge I face myself  daily. A challenge that I often fail at but keeping picking myself up to  start again.
Did you model any of the characters after people you know? I   used many things to model the characters … people I know, other  literary figures, actors, biblical characters, celebrities … the  characters are a combination of all of these. I wanted them to be new  and familiar at the same time, universal.

Why did you choose the Dallas/Ft Worth area as your primary setting?

 First   of all, the south has a certain reputation for is deep spiritual roots   (bible belt and all). I patterned the book in part after GONE WITH THE   WIND (another book set in the south) … not in the sense of a love story  but in the sense of “here is civilization that is about to cease to  exist, come see it before its gone”. In the case of my novel it is a   spiritual civilization on the brink. Dallas just seemed to have  everything I needed to make the story work from both a symbolic and  technical standpoint.

Do you have plans to write more books?

I have an idea or two floating around … nothing concrete yet.
What sort of research did you do for the historical portions of your  book? What did you like best about the research?  The least?

My  co-author and I researched deeply into ancient history for some aspects of the book … I learned a lot of things … some things I’d rather  forget but most of it was enlightening. What I liked best was that it  confirmed for me mostly what I already knew, there really is nothing new   under the sun.

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Can’t Give it Away

That apparently is the problem with December’s free book! No one wrote and told me they wanted it sits languidly on the shelf…lonely…wanting desperately to speak into someone’s life and yet afraid of never being chosen.

I used to feel the same way in grade school when they picked sides for the lunch time baseball games…

And now here I sit again…holding the lonely book from December….and feeling lonely for its loneliness…

Brenda J Wood

That Free Book

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