Confessions from a Farm Wife —by Caroline Way

Confessions of a Farm Wife is a modern take on the life of Job. (Okay what on earth were his parents thinking to call him a name like Job!)

This is a wonderfully, exciting and hard-to-put-down read. It’s a gripping story of a modern young farmer named Job who believes that God is in every detail and can change circumstances if He wishes. Job’s Missus tells the tale from her point of view.

Like the Biblical Job, trauma and loss come upon every aspect of his life, his family, his farm and everything near him. His Nearest and Dearest beg him to repent from some unknown sin so that the relentless attacks of loss will stop.

Job though, understands that God is who He says He is. He refuses to say he is sorry for something he didn’t do. Like the original Job, in the midst of every catastrophe, he falls to his knee, thanks and blesses God.

The story ends just as God begins to give him double for his trouble. You can see that his circumstances are going to turn around.

I LOVED this book. Congratulations to Canadian Caroline Way, whose strong writing made the story come alive.

Brenda J Wood

The Third Grace by Deb Elkink


The Third Grace is an amazing piece of writing with twists and turns intertwined with Mennonite heritage, language nuances, fabrics and sewing. At the beginning I thought I must like it because of its many references to fine fabrics and designs. Then I realized I loved The Third Grace it for its plot and depths of meaning.

After all, it revolves around an ancient love affair, a return to roots and faith and an intriguingly evil co-worker. I spotted her right off and wanted Mary Grace to see her wickedness…but then there would have been no story.

I was surprised to discover that this novel is Deb’s very first. Bring on more please, Miss Deb. One small suggestion? I would like a page of translations for words like nietlijch.

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Brenda J Wood