Maggots ( Under the Skin) Anyone?

What is getting under your skin? Is it festering, continuing to wound you? Do you keep picking at the open sore, wondering why it won’t heal? You may have Myiasis.

Like Jesus, many a speaker/writer compares believers to sheep but they don’t always tell all. I guess maggots aren’t a great selling point. You see, certain types of flies are attracted to wounds in sheep, cattle, deer and even humans. They lay their eggs there, then the larvae hatch, burrow into the skin and if not treated, travel through the body, damaging organs. Sadly, they are often part of being a sheep. Still, a controlled maggot can be a great thing.

It is estimated that hospitals across the USA order in about 5,000 laboratory grown maggots every week. They are used to fight infections resulting from bed sores, leg/foot ulcers, stab wounds and even gangrene. Maggots are great because they promote faster healing and won’t likely injure healthy tissue. Of course you have to stop picking at the wound while the critters do their job. Wounds won’t heal if the blood supply is blocked.

Doesn’t that sound like a sheep issue to you? It does to me. If the blood of Jesus isn’t circulating around and through our wounds, we will not heal.

So what does our Myiasis look like? Child abuse, financial woes, annoying relatives, children sick, personal loss, you name it, if we won’t let the healing blood of Christ pour through it, it will continue to swallow us up.

Psalm 57:2-3– I will cry out to God Most High, To God who performs all things for me. He shall send from heaven and save me; He reproaches the one who would swallow me up. Selah God shall send forth His mercy and His truth (NKJV).

Prayer: Lord the maggot of __________still eats at me. I offer my wounds to you. Help me obey your truths so that I shall be healed. For Christ’s Sake. Amen.

Great News!

Did you know that people retire to have time to go to the doctor’s? This is true! Yesterday we made another visit, this time to the cancer unit at RVH.

Great news! The last chemotherapy session did its job with room to spare! God is so good.

Later, I asked Ron how he felt.

“Like singing and dancing,” he replied.

“What would you have felt if the report hadn’t been so good? I questioned.

“Like singing and dancing,” he answered.

Dear Reader, you might wonder how this is possible.You might even think we are living a Pollyanna existence.

But  we’ve had those bad reports….

And in the midst of them, we were able to remember the same truth.

Everything passes through the hand of God before it is ever  allowed to touch us.

And therefore, what ever it is, it is good, because God is good.

May you see your world today with the eyes of faith…..and expect God’s best…

Brenda J. Wood