Santa’s Gift by Brenda J Wood

Santa’s Gift

Amma burned the bacon, and lumpied up the stew.

Amma had a problem. She didn’t know what to do.

 Her pots and pans were wonky.Lids and handles all askew,

Thus Amma burned the bacon, and lumpied up the stew!

 The pots had cooked potatoes.They’d fried a million eggs.

They’d stirred up soup and turnip.They’d worn out their little legs!

 With boiling, steaming, baking, With Christmas, Easter too.

They simply were all tired out and so the problem with the stew.

Amma worried deeply. She knew not what to do,

 For Christmas was a’comin’ and sure, she’d lumpy up the stew!

But Santa showed up early, bringing presents great and small.

New pots and pans for Amma. no more worries, not at all!