Four Hundred Years of Beloved

Every so often you want to own a book just because it is so beautiful. The Treasure of God’s Word, Celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible (Jack Countryman) is this years’ choice. The deep reddish brown leather (?) cover with gold lettering is a gem.

The ‘aged’ pages in coordinating style are soothing to look at and to read.

Now for the content. This book tells the origin of the King James Version in short snippets that intertwine with favourite readings from the original text.

Those verses are titled not by location but by content. That is, they are titled as God’s Love, God’s Faithfulness or God’s Comfort and so on.

The history covers things like the Profound Influence of the King James Bible.

Did you know that without this particular version, there would have been no Paradise Lost, Pilgrim’s Progress, Handel’s Messiah or Gettysburg Address?

Now of course we have many Bible versions, each with their own merits.

But the King James was actually the first version available and readable by the every day person. Until 1611, they had to depend on clergy information. Now? those who wanted could finally read the Word in common everyday language .

This book is an ideal gift for a King James advocate but more importantly, it reminds us that God’s Word should be available to everyone, in their own everyday language.

Brenda J. Wood


4 thoughts on “Four Hundred Years of Beloved

  1. Brenda, I would love the book because I have a passion for God’s Word and also would cherish it for its aesthetic beauty. It would be a treasured resource when writing as well as when studying.

    On the other hand, I would take as much joy in someone else owning this beautiful book!

    Thank you so much Brenda, for nominating Whatever He Says for the Canadian Blog Awards. We came in second and it was wonderful being part of the fun!

  2. A new book, is like a cherished friend to be cared for and handled carefully. To curl up with and share your heart and loose you heart in. A new book is always a fresh addition to our lives, especially when it is recommended by another cherished friendl. Whoever gets this book will be blessed

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