For Fast-Acting Relief?

Actress Lily Tomlin suggests that for fast-acting relief, that we just slow down..

Ouch. If I did that, my feelings would catch up with me. I’d feel the despair of my abusive past, the pain of rejection and the fear of the unknown. That is, unless I also slowed down into prayer, a Psalm or two and a quiet half hour or so with the Lord.

Are you going too fast? Give yourself a break. Let Jesus catch up with you and sooth the savage beast within..

Blessings, Brenda J. Wood


3 thoughts on “For Fast-Acting Relief?

  1. Learning to slow down and listen has been a hard lesson for me. It’s often a scary place. But more and more I’m learning to listen to God. For years it bothered me that I almost never sleep straight trough the night. In the middle of the night was when my mind would race through so many of life’s problems, traumas, and even “to do” lists. Now, it’s become a special time for me. I’ve come to learn that it’s when I can hear God’s voice the loudest. And I’ve also learned that listening to Him talk with me at that hour, helps me fall back to sleep much faster.

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