Finished! Finished! Finished!

Can you guess? It is FINISHED! My new book, Meeting Myself, Snippets from a Shattered Mind is on its way to agent Kelly Mortimer.!

It’s  hard to write about what pains you. It’s hard to tell the world about your addictions. It’s hard to face the truth about yourself….but I did it!

Abuse? Bulimia? Recovery? It is all in there and soon I hope it will be in your hands to read…..

Now I am going to celebrate by having a hot bubble bath. We’re snowed in and I gave up chocolate—so my celebration is low key for the moment…

If you like you may celebrate with me by signing on to my blog and leaving your congratulations.

Brenda J. Wood


10 thoughts on “Finished! Finished! Finished!

  1. You ‘blew me away’ today with your talk! How can we EVER think we are hard done by, here in Canada – my heart goes out to all the dear ladies in Africa, who are doing all they can to rear their grandchildren.

    Your collection boxes are an excellent idea – a month of thanking God, by dropping in a few coins, and many more Grannies will be helped, as well as their little (and big) ones.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention today – oh, yes, I’ve read a little about the Stephen Lewis foundation – also read Grannies Necklace (which I loved by the way) – but surely collectively we can do SO MUCH MORE, when so little from us can do so much for them.

    Keep up your excellent work…….Love you


  2. Congratulations Brenda! What a Christmas gift to yourself – you are finally finished your painful writing. I am sure it will be a great blessing to many, many readers. I can hardly wait to get my hands on my copy.

  3. Congratulations on your latest accomplishment … so happy for you … it’s wonderful to be so self-aware … you are so special. Hugs to Ron …

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