Saving Cookies

Susan suggests a better way to keep cookies! Put them in containers in the freezer all right, but label them ‘LIVER’!

What a great idea!! Still, that won’t keep me from eating them, will it?

In my previously over done binging life, I used to eat a lot of frozen food. Butter tarts never really freeze; they just get a little chewy and yummy for your teeth, gums and tummy. Cookies are the same and with the advent of the microwave, I was doomed to quick thaw.

The amount of stuff that I swallowed would feed a  small third world country, with leftovers for the island of Hawaii.

Thank God for God!! He intervened in my life and helped me choose a more normal life style….

How about you?

Have you found out that God tastes better than frozen butter tarts?

Brenda J Wood

Weekend Fever

Ron and I joke about having a ‘quiet’ day. That never happens here. Even though we are technically retired, something comes up to use up our hours, minutes and second.

We do have scheduled events like Doctor appointments on the calender but our really ‘quiet’ days involve people just dropping in for a coffee, or a writing pal calling about some thought or other.

We never turn people away. Think about what we might miss if we didn’t entertain on a whim.

The Bible says we might even entertain angels unaware! We don’t want to miss that opportunity!

Now if you are a timid host, chose not to be afraid.

Buy a few cookies or if you are in the baking mood, whip up a batch, freeze them (deep so a hubby or a gal on a snack rampage) can’t find them. Serve up with a coffee, a tea or maybe a glass of lemonade.

And maybe–you will find an angel gracing your doorstep!

Brenda J Wood

The Jew is not my Enemy

I challenge you to read this book by  Tarek Fatah. I have long admired his accent and his opinions and his humour on talk radio CFRB.

It is endorsed by such notables as Member of Parliament, Bob Rae,

CBC news correspondent, Terry Milewski

and Mona Eltahawy, contributor to the Washington Post.

Fatah says “I decided I had to write, to right the wrong.:

You can find the book in stores and libraries.

It will change the way you watch and participate in world news

Brenda J Wood

The Chocolate-less Valentine’s Day

As long as I can remember, my Granny kept a heart-shaped candy box on her dresser. It was so faded and worn that its artificial flowers dropped bits of silk  every time I dusted the box.

I couldn’t understand why she would keep such an eye sore. The candy was long gone from its middle. It was ragged and dirty.It looked ancient.

One day, Granny opened it in my presence. It held nothing but one faded letter. It too was shabby and faded. She fingered it gently and then carefully closed the box.

To this day, I don’t know what was on that paper. I do know that it fed Granny’s heart memories  in some way.

I often wonder about its contents. Was it a love letter from Gramps, a war time note from a long-lost love,  or even some small keep sake from her mom, who died when Gran was a child?

I’ll never know. But I do know this. That Valentines don’t have to be fresh, expensive, chocolate or even just for couples. Valentines are for the heart…because the heart always remembers love.

Brenda J Wood

Henry, the Bed Bug

A calorie is the bed bug of the weight loss world. It crawls into your closet at night and sews all your clothes two sizes smaller than your hips.

It eats the good stuff on your plate so that you are left with only the fat-filled bits that swell your upper arms into sausage rolls.

It jumps up and down on your stomach during TV shows so that you have to  trampoline to the cupboard for potato chips.

It ties knots in your exercise shoes so that you can’t get your shoes on and go to the gym.

It chews up the bills in your purse so that you can’t afford to buy lettuce and instead can afford only chocolate chip cookies.

It steers your car into places like Dairy Queen and then demands second helpings.

It stirs up words  in my mouth so that I can tell my weight-loss leader that I ate everything exactly right and that her scales are wrong.

I am calling my calorie Henry.

If I called it Brenda, I would have to take all the blame for my advanced weight and that is just not fair!

So there!

H–e–n–r–y? Where are you Henry????

If you leave me now, I will have to make better choices!


Don’t go!!!!


You get back here RIGHT NOW!!!


Brenda J Wood

Speaking Near You?

Hi Everyone!

I am speaking at the Barrie Church of the Nazarene on Saturday February 12…

Please pray for me and even attend if you can!

For more Information, email me at

Brenda J Wood


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