The Chocolate-less Valentine’s Day

As long as I can remember, my Granny kept a heart-shaped candy box on her dresser. It was so faded and worn that its artificial flowers dropped bits of silk  every time I dusted the box.

I couldn’t understand why she would keep such an eye sore. The candy was long gone from its middle. It was ragged and dirty.It looked ancient.

One day, Granny opened it in my presence. It held nothing but one faded letter. It too was shabby and faded. She fingered it gently and then carefully closed the box.

To this day, I don’t know what was on that paper. I do know that it fed Granny’s heart memories  in some way.

I often wonder about its contents. Was it a love letter from Gramps, a war time note from a long-lost love,  or even some small keep sake from her mom, who died when Gran was a child?

I’ll never know. But I do know this. That Valentines don’t have to be fresh, expensive, chocolate or even just for couples. Valentines are for the heart…because the heart always remembers love.

Brenda J Wood

2 thoughts on “The Chocolate-less Valentine’s Day

  1. That was an awesome story. It makes me remember my own Grandmother. She died very suddenly one fall morning in 2005 at the age of 90. I was blessed to have been in Newfoundland with her, holding her hand, when it happened. That year, we had 3 deaths in a 5 week period, and another a couple months later. But my Grandma… she was as feisty up to the last minute as she ever was. I have few of her special things now that are special to me. I was the first grand daughter, and she never let me forget how special that was to her. I miss her every day, but when I think about her I laugh too. Oh boy… when she started to giggle… she would have the whole room laughing with her; even when we didn’t know what she was laughing about! lol

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