Living Without? Not Likely!

Our great-great-great grandparents had no sugar till the 13th century,

no coal till the 14th century and no buttered bread till the 16th.

Imagine them living without coffee, tea and soap until the 17th century,

without gas, matches and electricity till the 19th and no radio or TV till the 20th….

And we,  their offspring, refuse to live without anything.

The World Council of Churches puts it this way.

“I was hungry and starving and you were obese;

thirsty and you watered your garden;

no road to follow and no hope and you called the police and were happy that they took me prisoner;

barefoot and with ragged clothing and you said ‘I have nothing to wear. Tomorrow, I will buy something new;’

sick and you asked: “Is it infectious?”

Brenda J Wood


sick and you asked

6 thoughts on “Living Without? Not Likely!

  1. We really don’t know how fortunate we are until it is put down on paper.
    Thank you for helping us to stop and be thankful for all that we have and the good things yet to come.
    God bless you and Uncle Ronald.

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