Hot Stuff

You know the new greeting line people are using now? It is so hot that….

Well It was so hot that …my watch band was soaked through.

That might be common news to you but totally a new experience for me!

Interesting how the word ‘hot’ has taken on new meaning in this extreme Ontario boiling temperature….

If you think this is hot? Well let’s cool off by thinking of a few places that might be worse.

Sitting in a volcano

Boiling in a Geyser?


This is just a ‘dry’ run…be grateful for the humidity.

Brenda J Wood

One thought on “Hot Stuff

  1. LOL – We all have our measures of how hot it feels! I have lived in the middle east where it was 55C – you literally could feel the blood on the surface of your skin heating up as soon as you walked outside! I’ll take this any day. I love this country – even in the humidity! Keep a cool mind and you body will follow.

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