Those Hummingbird Pictures on Yesterday’s Blog

I’m glad so many of you enjoyed that hummingbird picture.That little nest is right out front of our house. Ron hasn’t been able to do too much this year and  believes that God sent them for his personal enjoyment. I do too.

We only happened to spot the nest by keeping an eye out for the mother flitting back and forth. Even as she enters the maple branches, she weaves back and around to discourage any followers.

Apparently, the nests are made from spiders webs! How is it that the bird can get hold of those things and not get strangled, when humans walk into one and are picking off bits for ages?

Answer? Because humans don’t need nor want a spider web. That might be the answer to why we don’t always get what we go after. We didn’t need it in the first place. God knows it but we persevere in finding out the hard way.

Brenda J Wood

3 thoughts on “Those Hummingbird Pictures on Yesterday’s Blog

  1. Once, several years ago, my husband had the breathtaking experience of holding a hummingbird in his hand. It had stunned itself in some way. Robert gently picked it up to see whether he could do anything for it. It stayed in his hand until it recovered, then flew away. I’ve since misplaced the Polaroid photo I took at the time, but the visual and emotional memories are with us for life. Reminded of “God sees the little sparrow fall.”

  2. Glad that God brought this special “Mom” to create something for Uncle Ron to enjoy this season!

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