Why Not Healed?

I remember reading a story about a magical monkey’s paw that gave each owner three wishes.Eventually it came into the hands of a couple reeling with grief after they’d lost their son in a mutilating accident. They struggled with their wishes. I forget the first two; wealth or some such thing. Then they left the paw on the mantle, each secretly wanting the  courage to wish their son back.

Finally, the mom, in trememdous emotional agony, grabbed the paw and made that fatal wish.

There arose a frightening gasp as the earth split and yielded up the boy from his grave. They heard a dragging foot, wails of pain and more…..as the son returned, looking just as awful as when they buried him.

I always thought it was a stupid story. Why didn’t they plan ahead? Why didn’t they use the other wishes correctly? Why didn’t they ask for the son to be healed or else leave well enough alone?

I prayed for DH (Darling Husband) Ron to be healed.And by God’s Grace, no monkey paw included…he was. No more pain, suffering or sorrow. Right now, he is still shaking hands with all those who went before..but only after sitting on God’s lap and soaking in God’s love.

Brenda J Wood


4 thoughts on “Why Not Healed?

  1. You are an inspiration Brenda. Grief does have two perspectives – ours of sorrow and heartache, and that of the loved one who has passed who no longer suffers with our earthy pain. You are wise to choose that of your DH and let it carry you through. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Prayers and blessings to you and your family during this time. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It will bless us more than you can imagine

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