Ron’s Special Day

Today is Ron’s special day. It is the day we’ll all talk about what a great guy he is (sorry-Sometimes I forget and talk in present tense.) We will share memories with one another. Then we will all eat birthday cake. (Yes, you heard  right. I ordered ten cakes from Costco. They say “Welcome Home.”) After all, we are celebrating the day he went to be with Jesus.

Ron thoroughly disliked  ‘funeral’ food. Musty tuna salad with mayo and pickles, ham chopped up beyond recognition, egg salad without onion, and phoney turkey  made him leery. He would say, “There’s hardly ever a decent roast beef sandwich in the lot.”

Of course there’s always squares. Diabetics don’t eat squares. You can see why he often talked of a Wendy’s burger after these occasions.

So that is our day. After the cake we will all go home. Most everyone will chat on the way. They will discuss how awful the food was, how great the music, and how maudlin the family speeches.

But today, I drive in lonely silence toward  a lonely home.

Brenda J Wood

9 thoughts on “Ron’s Special Day

  1. Hi Brenda, I arrived 15 minutes late because I missed a couple of turnings on two highways and had to leave without staying for cake because of another commitment in Tottenham at 3.00 (I was late for that one too, obviously,) but I’m so glad I was there. You were speaking as I arrived, so I got the end of your brave and powerful words. I loved your daughters words, how she always asks, when told someone died, “But did they live?” And I loved the songs. Thanks for posting the link. I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop to give you a personal hug, but I am richer for having been there.

  2. Over the years (3.5) since my Harry went home, I have learned the difference between loneliness and aloneness. The “loneliness” can be overwhelming and bring on much needed cleansing tears, but often we need the “aloneness” – a time apart, to think things through, to come to terms with our life as we now find it. Jesus took his time apart for prayer.

  3. Brenda

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know that Ron is sitting at the right hand of God, talking, discussing, laughing. I will forever miss his bear hugs and his wonderful encouranging words.

    Love Kelly

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