Paperwork Waits for No Man

McLelland & Slessor Funeral Home, Service Canada and Service Ontario made it all seem so easy.

The world of paper waits for no man (or woman.) Papers must be signed. Ohip cards and licenses cancelled, pensions reorganized, OAS notified and Canada Pension plans thought through.

Today I cancelled my Honey’s life.

I did it alone, not because I am some sort of spiritual warrior but because I wanted to. It seemed to me that those things were personal and private, and deserved a wifely touch.

I warn you, it does make the pain more intense. Until I did all this paper work, part of me could pretend it wasn’t so.

On paper, my Ron is in the past tense. He used to be a fellow who needed health insurance, a driving license, a passport and a social insurance number.

In my heart he still lives very much in the present.

Brenda J Wood

8 thoughts on “Paperwork Waits for No Man

  1. I remember all the paperwork when my Dad died. And I remember being in “no-man’s land”. I did the work but my heart and brain were elsewhere. I even left a briefcase with all the important documents on the roof of the van. Of course, it fell off. Someone picked it up and brought it to the post office (small town) and they called me to say they had the brief case. Sure made me love small town living and the thoughtfulness of some people.
    Continuing to pray for you –

  2. Oh dear Brenda, yes doing the necessary paperwork to satisfy the government certainly brings reality to the forefront, yet it has to be done. Like you I did that too. Carry on friend, each day gets a little easier, hard to believe that right now when the grief is so new. God is faithful, he is with us always.

  3. Still makes you a ‘warrior’ in my eyes!

    Unfortunately the paper-technicalities can make everything so cold – but having dealt with it, you can feel a little better in that it is one more thing that you do not have to think about – especially when your ‘thinkery’ is so full of other more precious thoughts!

    Luv U, gal…………..

  4. We were thinking of you on the drive home knowing you had this trememdous job ahead of you so we continue to pray that our Lord leads you through it quickly and without any snags….

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