Poached Tears

When I came back from working the afternoon Weight Watchers class, I found the house empty. In my ordinary life, Ron would have had a pot of potatoes on the boil and some kind of beef (his preference) on the BBQ. I’d push for a vegetable and maybe a salad and we’d each eat a little of the other’s choice, secretly grateful for our own.

But today, there was silence and me. As women do, I’ve been eating the stuff in the fridge that is close to expiry date or that has been sitting too long. I decided on poached eggs. I like them; Ron didn’t. An egg meal meant I’d cook his scrambled or whatever, first….not because he demanded it , but because that is how women love. We feed others and then ourselves. That meant that my meal tended to be on the cool side. I didn’t notice nor really care..

So I poached up those eggs. They were the best I’d ever eaten. Hot, seasoned perfectly. And I cried, because I’d willingly eat cold eggs forever…if only I could have my Honey here.

Brenda J Wood


5 thoughts on “Poached Tears

  1. I can’t see a scrambled guy going for poached, but what I want for you is that you enjoy your eggs in the morning. You can eat ’em hot now. And 5 bucks to a donut Ron is getting a kick watching you finally getting your eggs in the am! My mom made eggs 7 different ways every Sunday morning, and ate hers cold, alone in the kitchen. I just wanted her to have the same life she gave to others so freely and unconditionally. As you move patiently through your grieving process I would hope you would remember to love yourself the same way you dished it out for so many years…RW

  2. Anne I don’t know why our messages never seem to get together…but I got this one and love its compassion and truth. The eating together is the important thing isn’t it!!!

  3. Brenda
    I don’t seem to be able to get intouch with you nor the reverse, you to me! You wrote about the eggs and I must share this with you. This am. I asked Bill if he would like a soft boiled egg–you know the one you put in the egg cup. Yes was the answer but I want it hard boild. So I put three eggs in the pot and hard boiled them all. I prefer a soft boild and yes I know I could have taken one out earlier but to eat together it had to be hard. My dear now that I subscribe to this, your page I can at least keep intough with your greiving– and I do believe you are doing it well.
    Many times I have had Lamb while Bill has scolops—we both detest one anothers taste for the same loved foods.
    I feel for you in this time of grief but if it gets too bad–
    try to remember that Ron suffered and is now at peace with God and God is with you. Certinly you have suffered great loss and need to have time for grief, try to be patient, don’t hold back, let it all out, then one day God will show you an new life as the cloudes begin to part .
    With all my love and prayers to you dear sister.

  4. Brenda, I feel you all the down here in Delaware. You have made me appreciate my wife even more. Please enjoy your eggs, you still have Ron. You just don’t have to cook for him anymore. He has all the scrambled eggs a guy could want.

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