Yesterday’s Eggs

After posting yesterday about those perfect poached eggs, I got to thinking that I’d written a dose of Monkey’s Paw .(See last week’s blog of the same name.) Anything, Lord, I’ll do anything. Just give me my Ron back.

I never meant it to sound like that and I wouldn’t want it for Ron either. Rob in Delaware (see comments) wrote that Ron has all the scrambled eggs he wants now….

How could I ever ask him to come home to me, when he is still celebrating his heavenly home coming? Why would I want to tie him to an earthly plain when he is in the heavenly?

Only selfishness would demand that of a loved one. Some days I feel selfish, but by the grace of God, I am able to let go….and let Ron enjoy his new life…….

Brenda J Wood

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Eggs

  1. It’s ok to be selfish, God understands but I think you already know this. Holding you up in prayer. Thank you for blogging and allowing us a peak into your world as you walk down this rough road. Your advice has helped me through so many rough roads ( you to Pat ) and I thank you for this.
    Love your sister in Christ
    Lisa Curran

  2. Part of the grief journey is recognizing just how important the person was in our life, the difference it will make in our daily living and all the details that will change in our new life. Wishing them back is only part of the struggle of letting go, so don’t beat up on yourself when you feel that way, just acknowledge that this, too was a part of your life with Ron that was precious. I’m praying for you.

  3. Nor would we want our departed loved ones back here, knowing that if they were they would still be suffering the pain of the illness that took them from us.

    You are allowed selfish thoughts, after all the grief takes us in to a place that we need to wallow in, just for a little while!

    Love you, gal

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