Provision? Provided.

I am in limbo with finances right now. You might not realize it but the passing of a spouse reorganizes everything,   including your income. I don’t know where I stand till next month when my new life takes over. I won’t say I am frantic, but I have been a little anxious as I wait.

Then I read my Hubby’s words from my own daily Devotional, Heartfelt, 366 devotions for common sense living. Here they are, posted on this morning’s (The rest of the story follows tomorrow.)

Lamentations- 3:22-23The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end: they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness (RSV).

by Ronald Wood

I wasn’t surprised when the boss told me that we’d be going to a four- day work week. Business was poor and an even slower winter season lay ahead. I sure was scared. I was 55; the economy was in a slump.  Everyone wanted to tell me about older men who were losing their jobs. I went home and told my wife. I reminded her that God was faithful and that He has never let us down. I think I convinced her but I was having a  hard time convincing myself! I was praying, but I feared what lay in store.

Monday provided less work than Friday. My day off was supposed to  be on Wednesday but I left by noon. I always find it harder to pretend to be busy than to actually be busy. I faced a future of three days pay
for the week. It would never cover our living expenses.

Having financial difficulties? No matter the problem, God has always been faithful and He will be so again today. Make a list of all the times God has met your need. Why would He change now?

Prayer: Lord, thanks. Today, we find it hard to see the bright side, but as always it is you. Remind us again of your past faithfulness to us. Amen

7 thoughts on “Provision? Provided.

  1. Brenda, I am so happy that you still have Ron speaking to you and reminding you of God’s faithfulness. Your message touched me deeply this morning because I woke up with the usual butterflies in my stomach, but today they were worse. I don’t need to share my wife’s and my story, but trust me we are in similar straits as you and Ron. Ron’s words brought me comfort today. I had moved way out of the “zone” and he nudged me back to the moment, where grace and peace exist eternally, because it is written on our souls by God . Funny, I heard once that the two biggest lies we deal with are the past and the future….and neither exist at all, but we spend nearly ALL our time in one or the other. Brenda, I wish you Grace and Peace from God. Rob Wells

  2. Rob I pray for you and your wife in your situation…it is hard isn’t it?
    And you are right..we waste our time in what is not time…Be blessed today as you shine for him. I know you are…

  3. Thank you for posting this Brenda. Today , like Robs, was one of those days where worry reared it’s ugly head but our Lord is amazing. Ron’s words comforted me and reminded me to trust in the Lord. God Bless

  4. When you lose your spouse the finances are indeed a very big adjustment Brenda. Like all who lose their partner we have to be prepared to make changes, sometimes that are very difficult. Downsizing comes into play, garage sales maybe, letting go of things is hard. The hardest I found was having to let my two shih tzus go when I went from 2008 to 2010 before my home sold & there wasn’t enough cash to go around. But God came through & found a loving home for both of them to be together & eventually my home did sell & I was left with enough to be completely out of debt, not a rich widow with plenty to spare by any means, but enough to live on. The Lord provides and I am thankful. The good news about my doggies – I can visit them, how special is that. Just sharing Brenda, so you know you are not alone. If you need any help with paperwork questions as far as government is concerned just let me know & if I can help I will.

  5. My monthly cheque covers my bills. I rarely have more than $100 left for food for the whole month. Most month’s not even that much. But I always have plenty to eat. God is good. I believe that God will feed me.. and He does. I never worry about it anymore. Seriously! I used to worry lots… back before I had a true relationship with God. I gradually learned to stop worrying after I met my (ex)BF… he used to say to me all the time “It’s just money Baby. Don’t worry about it. We’ll get more later. God won’t let you go hungry”. After a while I started to truly understand what he meant. Now I don’t worry about it.

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